Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We are Off to See the Wizard

Yesterday, I went on journey. A friend and I decided to go little falls, upon reaching little falls, I wanted to keep going. The whole time that we are trasping through the forest, we are both wearing shorts and t-shirts. Along the way we met some very unfriendly briar batches, but we kept going, and going, and going. Then along the way, I wanted to reach the very top of the mountain. So my friend and I decided to go up the mountain. At this point we aren't completely lost, but we also don't exactly where we are either. {The way that we needed to get back to college was just by following the water, so as long as we knew where it was we weren't really lost} But along the hike, we came across the boundary line between the National Forest and Toccoa Falls. But it was getting darker, so we decided to turn back. At that is the end of our adventure.

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