Monday, July 18, 2011


Once a year my siblings and cousins are filled with such excitement that they can't sleep. They have been waiting and counting the days until they go to camp for a whole week. There they have soo much fun in the pond,  pool,  playing card games, and making friends that last, but more importantly it is a week were they learn and grow in their faith with Jesus Christ! The older kids are doing a GAW (great adventures week) were they will camp outside and cook their own food. They love it and have always had a fabulous time. When they come back, that is all they talk about!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


For years and years I would look at all of my mom's wonderful jewelry.  One time she asked me to dust off her vanity, and I remember looking through all jewelry. My mom would tell me the many stories of where the pieces would come. A lot of them came Miss Linda who makes wonderful jewelry in Brevard, North Carolina.

 Well today after coming back from a fun jewelry party, her old class ring of 1981 was sitting there on the ring holder (I have been hoping that one day she would let me have it), and today she gave me her class ring which fits!