Monday, March 11, 2013

Learning Contentment

Waiting. How much of our time do we spend waiting. Waiting for something to happen, or waiting for something to be over. How often do we actually spend through the course of the day, being thankful for that moment and being content in that moment. As this is the week before Spring Break, and all that I can think about is next week and being in the mountains with my grandparents. I am waiting for this week to be over with so that I can enjoy my break. In this, I am waiting, and not being content. But I also know, that as soon as soon next week comes along, I will be waiting for something else, another day. How I want to be content in the moment, in every moment of every day. Yet this is a lesson that will take time, but I know that one day, I will have full contentment in heart.

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