Thursday, March 7, 2013


So I created this blog a couple of years ago, and decided to not to keep up with it. Why?? Well in my mind I created a number of excuses for why I couldn't find the time. This ranged from not finding time because of school, homework, busyness of life, and all the reasons for I why decided not to write were just that EXCUSES. But how many times do find reasons  not to do something. How pitiful do these excuses look like when they become placed under a microscope. But so many times I find reasons for why I shouldn't do something, one example is reading homework for school, and my excuse for this is because I don't want to. Reading for school is not preference for this moment in day. But what a sorry excuse that can be. Another is maintaining relationships, sometimes maintaining relationships can be unpleasant, and I think in my mind, ever so selfishly "Lord, aren't they a waste of my time? I need to be doing something better, something else" And the Lord is ever so kind and gracious to me, and He reminds me. That I need to invest in them, that they are His children too, and that everything in this world is passing, but people. People, people are important, and that they are not a waste of my time. But what I think about one day when I will have to stand before God and give Him account for all of my actions. Because in that moment, I will not be able to come up any good excuses for lack actions,  What excuses do you give yourself in order for you to feel better about yourself??

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