Monday, March 11, 2013

The Desires of my Heart

I went to a chapel today, that was for the people in my major {which means that all of professors from my major talked about Cross-Cultural Studies}. I have always enjoyed these chapels, and they help me so much. One of the ladies spoke about the desires of your heart, and sometimes the desires of our hearts are not what we expected to hear. I thought that the desire of my heart was for me to live with a group of girls in a terrace. But maybe that is not what God wants to be the desire of my heart. Maybe it is with different girls, So now, I must find out what God wants to be the desire of my heart. While this was a great thing for me to hear, I must now apply it to my life. Searching out other options, and pray that God will enlighten me on the path that He wants me to. By going to these chapels that speak to me and help me to remind me the reasons for why I decided to go to a Christian College.

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