Monday, April 1, 2013

There and Back Again

Just last week, I went to my grandparents for a relaxing spring break. During this spring, everyone in the house got the stomach flu, which was an extremely vicious bug. Everyone got better, the week ended, and I went back to school. I went back to school for only four days, and went back to the grandparents. My brother and his girlfriend also came, which made the weekend so much fun. My grandmother adores her rocks, and she has tons surrounding her flower gardens, since everyone was sick on her birthday, she did not have the best birthday. So since she loves her rocks, we went down to a stream in Ridge Haven. The rock was massive, and easily weighed 100 pounds. My grandmother loved her rock! Both the spring break and Easter break went wonderfully. I really love going to the mountains and being with the “old people.”

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