Monday, April 1, 2013

The Date Night

Fun things happen when I came back from Easter break! I got back to school at about 5:00, and I texted my roommate telling her I was five minutes away from the school. My roommate told that there was a surprise waiting me at the school. After I said good-bye to my grandparents, and moved all of my things back into my room, a boy named Timothy banged on my window. I went outside to see who it was, and right there he asked me on a date, for that evening. I told him yes, and went and changed my clothes, so that I could look cute. The date was so much fun, we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant. We talked for a long, and then walked in the park, and the evening was absolutely beautiful. When he walked me back to my building he asked my to be his girlfriend, and I said yes! So now I am in a relationship!  

April Fools! Did I get your goat Mom?!?

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