Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When Rain Falls

One of the things that reminds me of my mom the most, is when it rains. Several years ago, when it would rain, she would sit out on the porch and watch the rain. Today, I rained and rained, and as I was doing my homework, the rain reminded me of her. 

When so many miles separate us, even now, nothing could separate us from you being my mother, and I your daughter. Sometimes all I want to do is get on a train and come and see you, but I must wait for 28 more days. There are those moments when a single action, brings so many happy memories back. They can be something as simple as looking at someone's hands and feet, and that will remind me of you. Those days when I drink a cup of tea, those are the moments when I am reminded of you, and I just want you next to me, so that you can share a cup with me. Other times, it could be a simple phrase that reminds me of something that you would say. I could never forget the scent that you would put on every Sunday, and those moments when my heart aches for the familiarity of your embrace. Those little things that I grew up: the fingers dashing on the piano, the hot pot of tea, your voice, and the acts of kindness of her being my mom. I remember that all I have to do is pick up my phone, and I can hear you voice, the voice that I have heard my whole life. I cannot tell you enough times, how much I dearly love you; you are so wonderful, and I love you so much!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Date Night

Fun things happen when I came back from Easter break! I got back to school at about 5:00, and I texted my roommate telling her I was five minutes away from the school. My roommate told that there was a surprise waiting me at the school. After I said good-bye to my grandparents, and moved all of my things back into my room, a boy named Timothy banged on my window. I went outside to see who it was, and right there he asked me on a date, for that evening. I told him yes, and went and changed my clothes, so that I could look cute. The date was so much fun, we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant. We talked for a long, and then walked in the park, and the evening was absolutely beautiful. When he walked me back to my building he asked my to be his girlfriend, and I said yes! So now I am in a relationship!  

April Fools! Did I get your goat Mom?!?

There and Back Again

Just last week, I went to my grandparents for a relaxing spring break. During this spring, everyone in the house got the stomach flu, which was an extremely vicious bug. Everyone got better, the week ended, and I went back to school. I went back to school for only four days, and went back to the grandparents. My brother and his girlfriend also came, which made the weekend so much fun. My grandmother adores her rocks, and she has tons surrounding her flower gardens, since everyone was sick on her birthday, she did not have the best birthday. So since she loves her rocks, we went down to a stream in Ridge Haven. The rock was massive, and easily weighed 100 pounds. My grandmother loved her rock! Both the spring break and Easter break went wonderfully. I really love going to the mountains and being with the “old people.”